Celebrating 84 Years of Ministry!

The History of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
(Revision April 17, 2024)

On March 15, 1939, the Reverend Thomas Suber, Superintendent of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of South Carolina, made a trip to Walterboro for the purpose of locating and identifying Lutheran families. Along with Professor I. Y. Caughman, Reverend Suber located five Lutherans. In later visits, five more names were added and the ten expressed interest in scheduling worship. On May 13, 1939, about twelve people attended a worship service in Walterboro High School. A conference followed the service.

During the meeting, the twelve unanimously requested that Revered Suber arrange for regular services to be held twice each month. These bi-monthly services continued until the end of 1939 when the Reverend J. N. Slice, newly called pastor to Trinity Church in Elloree, accepted the call to develop also the Walterboro mission.

Attendance and participation increased during the next several months and on September 8, 1940, Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized with thirty-six charter members. On December 31, 1940, the Reverend Slice resigned to accept a call in Savannah, Georgia.

The struggling congregation then asked the Board of Missions for financial aid in the amount of $600. With this assistance granted, Good Shepherd called a full-time pastor, the Reverend Voigt Sink, who was completing his studies at Southern Seminary. Pastor Sink began work in Walterboro on June 1, 1941, with twenty-nine out of the original thirty-six members.

For the next three years until May of 1943 most services were held in the Walterboro Christian Church at the corner of Carn and Brownlee Streets. These were lean years, but also years of dedication. On January 1, 1941, the treasurer's report recorded a ninety-two cent balance. By June, however, the church had accumulated one hundred and fifty dollars; and at a meeting of the congregation on August 17, it was voted to purchase a lot of 300 feet x 100 feet in Mayfield Terrance. The purchase price was fifteen hundred dollars. The membership was thirty-nine at that time. By the end of 1941, the lot was one-half paid and the balance on hand was three hundred dollars. On June 16, 1942, the lot was fully paid and on October 4, 1942, a building fund was begun. The committee selected to organize a building program included Mr. David V. Nilson, Mr. Elmer Carter, and Dr. Clyde Gibson. The committee made application to the War Production Board for permission to begin construction of a church building.

Membership had increased steadily during those first two years and by the end of 1942, the congregation counted forty-eight confirmed and eleven baptized members.

On January 24, 1943, the ground was broken to begin construction of worship space to seat one hundred and twenty people with a basement equally as large to be used for a Sunday School. The service was conducted by the Revered E. K. Derrick and Pastor Sink used the first shovel.

Great difficulty was encountered in the search for a contractor. Everyone was busy under the strain of their nation being at war. It seemed that God, who works in mysterious ways, sent one of his faithful servants, Mr. R. B. Bush of Norfolk, Virginia, father of Juanita Glover, who offered his services, free of charge, for the initial erection of the church building. After Mr. Bush left, the Councilmen and the Pastor took charge until it was completed. The first services were held in the building on the second Sunday in May 9, 1943.

Due to the fact that it would be sometime before the furnishings would arrive, the dedication services were to be held later in the fall. On August 15, the furnishings were installed.

The opening services with the dedication of the building were set for October 3, 1943. The services were conducted by the Reverend Karl W. Kinard and Pastor Sink. On this day, the membership records showed fifty-seven confirmed and eighteen baptized children.

Pastor Sink resigned on December 31, 1943, to serve as chaplain with the United States Air Force. A new pastor was called and on April 15, 1944, the Revered Paul G. McCullough was installed.

On August 1, 1944, the first parsonage was started and soon was finished. The dedication service was conducted by the Revered Karl W. Kinard with the Revered Paul G. McCullough, H A. McCullough, D. D., and W. Brant attending.

Two natural springs developed in the back corner of the basement used for the Sunday School. This kept the basement flooded. On January 14, 1945, it was decided to abandon its use for the Sunday School and have the basement filled in with sand.

Mr. George Segelken donated shrubbery for the church grounds and the Lions Club donated oak trees for the front of the church and parsonage. Venetian blinds were installed on the church windows. On April 14, 1946, the stairs to the basement were removed.

Pastor Paul G. McCullough resigned August 1, 1946, to accept work at Bethel Lutheran Church, White Rock, South Carolina.

The church constitution was amended in 1946 that members of council be changed from six members to nine, beginning October 5, 1947.

The next pastor to serve Good Shepherd was the Reverend Moses L. Kester who started his work on October 28, 1946. Under his leadership a parish building was built. The building costing twenty-six hundred dollars was completed by June 7, 1947 and dedicated free of debt on April 25, 1948. The dedication service was by the President of the Synod, Karl W. Kinard, and the service was conducted by Pastor M. L. Kester. Pastor Kester remained at Good Shepherd until January 6, 1952, when he resigned to accept a call to the Ehrhardt parish.

On March 6,, 1949, a five and one-half foot right of way of the church property was granted to the South Carolina Highway Department to provide a four-lane highway for Jefferies Boulevard.

Good Shepherd Church was next served by students from the Southern Seminary until March 1, 1953, when the Revered Raymond Davis, Jr. began his pastorate. In January of 1955, following a motion made by Mr. Ray D. Nilson, the Men's Brotherhood was organized with Ralph Doscher serving as first president.
On January 8, 1953, iron railings were installed on the front steps of the church. Also, five church road markers were installed on the highways entering Walterboro.

On October 8, 1953, spotlights were installed to light the church steeple. The hurricane damage of September 1952, to the church roof and ceilings was repaired and an exhaust fan was installed at the same time.

On October 31, 1954, Good Shepherd services were broadcast over WALD radio for the first time.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Mortgage Burning Ceremony was celebrated on April 24, 1955. Participating were Pastor Raymond E. Davis, Pastor M.L. Kester, D.V. Nilson, W.G. Kearse, N.L. Bishop, R.D. Nilson, and R.E. Carter. In December of the same year, the congregation of Good Shepherd Church was removed from mission status. In fifteen years, Lutherans in Walterboro had organized, built, and paid for a church building, a parish building and a parsonage.

On December 8, 1955, Mr. and Mrs. David V. Nilson donated a new central heating system for the church.

On January 5, 1956, church records showed a membership of one hundred twenty-five.

An aisle carpet was given to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kearse on February 9, 1956. On March 8, 1956, new tables were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Nilson. On April 12, 1956, a new church sign was given to the church by Dr. L.G. Cooper, Dr. C.E. Gibson, and Mr. N.L. Bishop. ln May, 1956, Mr. and Mrs. David V. Nilson donated a piano for the Sunday School and on September 13, 1956, Mr. and Mrs. David V. Nilson donated a window air-conditioner for the parsonage and the exterior of the church was painted.

In September, 1956, a children's choir was started by Mrs. Bessie M. Smith, church organist and choir director.

Pastor Davis resigned November 12, 1956, to accept a call to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Savannah, Georgia, as Minister of Religious Education.

On April 11, 1957, a 100 feet x 150 feet lot behind the parsonage on Thompson Street was purchased for eight hundred dollars for a new parish building.

The Reverend Ernest T. Burns accepted a call on June 9, 1957, to serve Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. On November 29 of the same year, Mrs. Mattie Q. Beach was the first woman elected to serve on the church council. Pastor Burns resigned on August 24, 1958, and moved to Trinity Lutheran Church in Anniston, Alabama, and was succeeded by the Reverend Harry L. Rau on February 11, 1959. The church records showed one hundred forty baptized members at that time.

On August 24, 1958, a parish building fund was started. In November, 1958, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Stuck gave a gift of ten shares of stock to be applied to the parish building fund. Shortly after Pastor Rau arrived, plans for a new parish building were approved by the congregation. On September 11, 1960, ground breaking for the parish building was held and the service was conducted by the Reverend Karl W. Kinard and Pastor Rau. The cornerstone was installed October 2, 1960, with the inscription "Nilson Parish Building in honor of Mr. and Mrs. David V. Nilson, 1960." Mr. H. Stanley Fellers served as the chairman of the building committee and the new Christian Education unit was dedicated on May 7, 1961 with the service conducted by the Reverend Karl W. Kinard and Pastor Harry L. Rau, Jr. The cost of the building was $24,336.61 excluding the electrical and heating costs which were done by the men of the church at a cost of $1,200.

On June 24, 1962, a memorial gift of two thousand dollars in memory of Harriett Amy Nilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David V. Nilson, was received. In honor of Mrs. Bessie M. Smith's twenty-five years of service as organist, a processional cross was dedicated on December 24, 1963. The cross was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kearse. An alms basin had been given in memory of Mrs. Smith's husband, R. Estes Smith, in 1959.

Pastor Harry L. Rau resigned on June 16, 1964, to accept a call to the Lutheran Chapel in China Grove, North Carolina. The church records showed one hundred twenty-six baptized members - one hundred confirmed and eighty-four communing.

The Reverend James D. Bayne moved to Good Shepherd August 25, 1964. On September 19, 1965, the congregation celebrated its twenty-five years of Christian witness and work in Walterboro. Pastor Sink, Chaplain with the United States Air Force and first pastor to serve Good Shepherd, delivered the sermon and Pastor Bayne served as worship leader.

Mr. David V. Nilson, one of the first five members and organizers of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church passed away on April 30, 1967.

Pastor Bayne remained at Good Shepherd until May 3, 1967, when he resigned to serve in the United States Army as Chaplain.

The Reverend Virgil A. Cameron moved to Good Shepherd on October 15, 1967. On November 19, 1967, the indebtedness on the Nilson Parish Building was paid and the congregation again declared debt free. Dr. Karl W. Kinard officiated in the mortgage burning of the parish building. On August 25, 1968, a five-ton air-conditioner was installed in the church at a cost of $1,861.27. A new dossell curtain and new aisle carpet was installed at the same time. The interior of the church was painted in 1968. During that period of time many items and gifts were donated to the parish building. On July 23, 1969, twelve stained glass windows were installed in the church at a cost of $2,471. Each window was donated by a member of the congregation. Also, on July 23, 1969, Mr. and Mrs. George Eckert donated eighteen hundred dollars for the purchase of a new electronic organ in honor of Harry D. Gates and Walter F. Eckert and families. At the same time, a gift from Mrs. Betty Kearse of the sanctuary lamp was purchased and installed.

In October, 1969, a fire of undetermined origin was in the chancel of the church. Most damage resulted from water and the cost of repairs amounted to three hundred dollars.

The second parsonage building contract was let on October 4, 1970, at an estimated cost of twenty-six thousand dollars. The old parsonage was sold to the husband of Miriam Padgett Sauls for the bid of twenty-eight hundred dollars. The new parsonage was finished on May 1, 1971, and occupied by Pastor and Mrs. Virgil Cameron.

From 1971 to 1974 several gifts were donated to Good Shepherd. A gift of one thousand bricks was given to be used as a plant border around the parsonage by Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Stuck. The Lutheran Church Women donated a set of white paraments at a cost of $293. A new mimeograph machine was purchased and a baptismal font was donated in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bush by Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fellers. The parish house building parlor was renovated and furnished by the Lutheran Church Women and a new outdoor church sign was installed and lighted.

Due to the severe snow storm of February 9-10, 1973, no services were conducted on February 11, 1973. The Nilson Parish Building was opened to stranded motorists and approximately forty-five people were housed for four days.

Following the retirement of Pastor Cameron on February 4, 1974, the Reverend Arthur E. Greenwalt, Sr. began his work at Good Shepherd on June 1, 1974. During the next several years, many items were purchased for use in worship for worship and education. Mrs. R. Elmer Carter, Sr. and family donated a new altar cross in memory of R. Elmer Carter, Sr. Mrs. David V. Nilson gave new communion vessels and paten. A new set of green paraments was donated by Mrs. Marion B. Glover, Sr. and family in memory of Marion B. Glover, Sr. Pastor and Mrs. Greenwalt purchased an American and a church flag. A new movie projector was purchased at the same time.

On May 23, 1976, the second parsonage mortgage burning was celebrated as the result of a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Nilson in the amount of $4,540, Dr. Cauble and Pastor Greenwalt participating. Mr. H.S. Fellers, building committee chairman, represented the congregation.

August 7, 1977, marked the day of memorial of Mrs. Bessie Melchers Smith for her thirty-five years of faithful service as organist, 1940-1975. A new chalice was dedicated in her memory. In January, 1977, a mirror for the church parlor had been given in memory of Mrs. Smith by Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Shook and Mr. and Mrs. John Gilgen and their children. Mrs. Smith passed away on October 30, 1975. She was one of the first twelve charter members of Good Shepherd.

In 1977, Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Nilson donated roof ventilators for the parsonage. On November 3, 1977, a neon lighted, gold painted, ten foot cross was installed on the parish building back exterior wall, facing Thompson Street. In addition, the church council established an endowment fund that same year.
Pastor Greenwalt retired on June 1, 1978, and moved to Mt. Dora, Florida. In July, an official call was sent to the Reverend Don C. Nolt of Springfield, Ohio, a recent graduate from the Hanna School of Theology. The Reverend Nolt was installed on September 10, 1978.

In 1978, the nursery in the Nilson Parish Building was carpeted, painted, and furnished. The kindergarten room also received new carpet. Also, in 1978, two candelabra were donated to the church by Colonel and Mrs. Donald M. Carter in honor of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Elmer Carter.

On May 10, 1978, one of the organizers of Good Shepherd, Mrs. Amy Mary Nilson, passed away. She was the wife of Mr. David V. Nilson and mother of Mr. Ray D. Nilson, Mr. Howard A. Nilson and Mrs. Grace Nilson Mitchell.

In 1979, Pastor Nolt established a volunteer chaplaincy program at the Colleton Regional Hospital. Through this ministry, families suffering loss are cared for and visual tapes of meditation by local pastors began to be aired four times daily over the hospital's closed circuit television. Also, in 1979, Pastor Nolt served as President of the Walterboro Ministerial Association and applied through Church World Services for an Indo-Chinese family to be sent to Walterboro. In February, 1980, the Yang family arrived, with donations and help from many area churches and businesses. On Easter morning, 1980, the choir wore new robes for the first time. During that service, the congregation began using the new Lutheran Book of Worship. Pastor Nolt planned and organized the fortieth anniversary celebration of Good Shepherd which was held August 3, 1980, led by Pastor Nolt and Dr. James S. Aull, Secretary of the South Carolina Synod. Those assisting in preparation were Wendy Herndon, Mary and Arden Lommen, Marilyn and Les Zielke, Doris and Ralph Doscher, Faye and Charles Rister, and Artelle and George Eckert.

Pastor Nolt resigned on October 1, 1981, to accept a call to St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Orlando, Florida. Pastor Fred Dufford served as interim pastor from October, 1981, until August 18, 1982, when the Reverend B. Gene Baker started his work at Good Shepherd.

In June, 1982, the exterior of the church was painted. Harry and Janet Szymanski donated a cross for the front of the Nilson Parish Building and Robert and Jean Taylor donated a new cross for the church steeple On December 12, 1983, new altar vases were donated by Mrs. Sheldon J. Jones, Sr. in memory of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arnold Doscher

In January, 1984, six tape recorders were purchased and the church services were taped and distributed to the congregations shut-ins. New church signs were installed on the highways entering Walterboro.
In 1984, Mr. Ray D. Nilson resigned as Church Treasurer and Mrs. Leona Nilson resigned as Financial Recording Secretary. Mr. Nilson served forty-five years and Mrs. Nilson served forty-one years. A congregational dinner was held in honor of the Nilsons on February 25, 1985, to express the congregation's appreciation for their faithful and dedicated services.

During 1984, the parsonage was repaired and the exterior was painted. A new heating and air-conditioning unit was installed in the parish building. The pastor's study was paneled and new carpeting was installed. The complete exterior of the Nilson Parish Building was painted by the men of the church.
Mrs. Mattie Quattlebaum Beach passed away on August 29, 1984. A plaque in memory of her years of dedicated service was installed by the door of her Sunday School room in the Nilson Parish Building. Mr. Ervin E. Beach gave a gift of money to purchase needed items for the church in memory of his mother, Mrs. Beach. The items purchased were new blue paraments and stole, a funeral pall, albs for the crucifers and acolytes, and new cotas for the children's choir.

A new copying machine was purchased in 1984 for the church office. In December, 1987, a new water cooler was purchased by the Lutheran Men and installed in the Nilson Parish Building. In 1988, the church sanctuary was painted and sconces were made and donated to the church by William Foster. The lamps and globes were purchased in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Stuck and Mrs. Dodie Shealy. 1989 marked the fifteenth year that Mrs. Linda Gilgen had served as organist and choir director.

Pastor B. Gene Baker resigned effective January 21, 1990, to accept a call to Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in York, South Carolina, and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Chester, South Carolina.  Upon Rev. Baker's departure from Good Shepherd, Rev. Fred Wilson, retired Air Force chaplain, served as the interim pastor. Pastor Wilson was often joined at worship by his wife, Doti.

In July and August of 1990, new front church doors were installed and painted. The exterior of the church was cleaned and all of the outside woodwork, including the steeple, was painted. The Church Council, ELCW, ELCM, Worship and Music Committee, Property Committee, and Service Committee gave many hours of their time in planning, cleaning, and painting in preparation of the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration. Gifts of money from the congregation, former members, and friends were received to help defray the expenses.

On September 9, 1990, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church celebrated its Fiftieth Anniversary with South Carolina Synod Bishop James S. Aull and some of the church's former pastors participating in the service. The sermon was delivered by Bishop Aull.

In November 1990, Rev. H. Norton Rosebrock became the new pastor at Good Shepherd. Pastor Rosebrock, his wife Julie, and daughters Sarah and Jessica were an active part of the life of Good Shepherd for almost seven years. In April 1997, Rev. Rosebrock accepted a call to serve as pastor of Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church in West Columbia, South Carolina. During this time also, the Social Ministry program was started, including the Food Pantry, to help those in the community in need of food or assistance with their bills.

Rev. Don Loadholdt graciously served as the interim pastor from May until August 1997. His wife, Betty, often joined Pastor Loadholdt for worship at Good Shepherd.

Pastor John Wertz, Jr. served as pastor of Good Shepherd from August 1997 until April 2004. During his years at Good Shepherd, Corson and Parker were born to Pastor John and his wife Kris.

In 2001, the Special Gathering of Walterboro began meeting in the fellowship hall at Good Shepherd. The Special Gathering is a para-church ministry within the special needs (mentally challenged) community. They meet every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. for a full worship service with refreshments following. They also give out groceries on most Sundays. Special Gathering provides parties and social gatherings to the participants as funds allow.

The sanctuary, which had served the congregation since its founding, was torn down in spring of 2001. The last service in the old sanctuary was the Easter service in 2001. The ground breaking for the new sanctuary was the first Sunday in May 2001. Construction of the new sanctuary began shortly thereafter and was completed in October 2001. The first service in the new sanctuary was on Sunday, October 21 and the dedication service was on Sunday afternoon, December 2, 2001.

Initiated in January 2003, Shepherds Care Adult Respite Center, a ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, is the only social day center for people with Alzheimers disease and other memory loss in Colleton County. The Center provides participants with meaningful social interaction, mental stimulation, therapeutic activities and a home-cooked meal in a safe environment while their caregivers receive a much-needed break. The Center also welcomes volunteers from all denominations, who provide one-on-one, on-sight interaction with participants and meal preparation.   Shepherd’s Care served the community until August 2013. 

On June 30, 2004, Mrs. Linda Gilgen stepped down as Organist and Choir Director after 30 years of dedicated service to Good Shepherd.   Mrs. Diane Wicker assumed that role on that day.

As of the candlelight worship service on Christmas Eve 2004, Pastor Nancy S. Oliver served the members and friends of Good Shepherd as pastor. The members and friends of Good Shepherd greatly appreciate her love and untiring efforts as our pastor until her retirement in June 30, 2013.

Pastor Rich Johnston served as interim pastor from August 2013 until he was called by the congregation in July 2014. Pastor Rich was installed as pastor of Good Shepherd on Sunday, August 31, 2014 by the Bishop of the South Carolina Synod, Rev. Herman Yoos. Also assisting in worship was Rev. Eric Wester, Assistant to the Presiding Bishop of the ELCA and Director of Federal Chaplaincy.   

On Sunday, September 13, 2015 the congregation celebrated 75 years of ministry with a worship service and dinner following worship. Former pastors Rev. Gene Baker, Rev. Norton Rosebrock, Rev. John Wertz and Rev. Nancy Oliver assisted in the worship service along with Assistant to the Bishop Rev. Virginia Ginny Aebischer and current pastor Rev. Rich Johnston. There were approximately 165 members, former members and friends in attendance. The noon meal was prepared and served by Mr. Bob Ferris and the Lutheran Men of Good Shepherd with help from many others. The 75th Anniversary committee members were Erik Lindstrom (co-chair), Gail Lindstrom (co-chair), Mary Lommen, Melissa Connelly, Charles and Faye Rister, Pastor Rich and Marge Johnston, and Kevin Wicker.

On Saturday, February 9, 2019, at Good Shepherd, Miss Rebecca Wicker was ordained as a minister of word and sacrament in the ELCA. She accepted a call to serve as associate pastor for outreach and evangelism at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC.    Pastor Rebecca is the first daughter or son of the congregation to become an ordained Lutheran pastor.

Pastor Johnston served at Good Shepherd until October 2019.   The Rev. Dr. Craig Boehlke accepted the call to serve as our interim pastor in November 2019.

The year 2020 was off to a good start, with Pastor Craig as our Interim Pastor, Mrs. Georgia Boehlke as our Interim First Lady, regular worship on Sunday mornings, Council meetings once per month, the women and men’s groups meeting monthly, Wonderful Wednesday for youth and adults each Wednesday afternoon, confirmation classes, first Communion classes, choir practice on Tuesday afternoons, food pantry every other Tuesday morning, and other meetings, services and projects that make up the life of the congregation. 

Unfortunately, a tornado touched down in the downtown area of Walterboro on Monday, April 13, 2020, causing damage to the parsonage roof and the large oak tree in the backyard of the parsonage.   The roof was replaced and the tree removed by professional contractors.  (Based on a visual inspection of the trunk of this great oak tree, this tree may have been planted in the back yard of the first parsonage when it was constructed in 1944.)

Also in 2020, the Covid-19 virus began to spread across the country and into Colleton County.  As a result of the Covid outbreak, we stopped meeting for worship, and other meetings and gatherings, the week of March 22.  For 10 weeks we did not meet at all, but instead some members and friends tuned into St. John’s Lutheran, Beaufort, for Sunday morning services which were sometimes conducted by Pastor Craig.   On Sunday, May 31, Good Shepherd began worshiping using the computer program Zoom, but with no in-person worship.   On Sunday, June 21, we began having in-person outdoor worship accompanied by Zoom broadcasts on-line.  And finally, on Sunday, November 1, we returned to in-person worship, inside the sanctuary, following the Covid guidelines developed by the Worship and Music Committee and approved by Council.  Our average in person attendance for 2020 was 26 and the average on-line Zoom attendance was 12.   Meanwhile, the congregation used the Zoom on-line program for Council meetings, Continuing Education meetings and Executive Committee meetings.   The women’s group, Worship and Music Committee, and the Confirmation class met in-person in the Fellowship Hall practicing social distancing and wearing masks. 

Good Shepherd members and friends hosted 2020 Halloween Trunk-or-Treat event in our parking lot across May Street from the church.  Cars were placed a safe distance apart, and all participants wore masks for the afternoon.  And, the American Red Cross continued holding their blood drives in the Fellowship Hall following strict Covid-19 guidelines.

Also, in 2020, Good Shepherd celebrated the wedding of Teresa and Ray Strickland on Saturday, April 4, with only family and close friends in attendance.

Charter members
Mr. and Mrs. David Nilson, Mr. Ray Nilson, Mr. Howard Nilson, Mrs. Grace Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Estes Smith, Mr. Estes Smith, Jr., Mr. I. Y. Caughman, Mrs. C. M. Walker, Mrs. Bailey Simons, Mr. Ralph Doscher, Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Jones, Jr., Miss Catherine Jones, Dr. Vernon Fischer, Mrs. Mattie Beach, Mr. W. S. Kearse, Mr. Gordon Kearse, Mrs. W. H. Kinard, Mrs. Betty Kearse, Mrs. Clyde Padgett, Mr. Clyde Padgett, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shunemann, Miss Florence Shunemann, Mr. George Shunemann, Mrs. C. A. Ruff, Mrs. L. E. Buckwalter, Miss Sallie Rast, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Carter, Mr. Ronald Jones, Miss Elizabeth Jones, Mr. C. H. Eargle and Miss Ruth Harmon.

Rev. John N. Slice Jan 1940 to Dec 1940
Rev. Voigt M. Sink Jun 1941 to Dec 1943
Rev. Paul G. McCullough Apr 1944 to Aug 1946
Rev. Moses L. Kester Oct 1946 to Jan 1952
Rev. Raymond E. Davis Mar 1953 to Nov 1956
Rev. Ernest T. Burns Jun 1957 to Aug 1958
Rev. Henry L. Rau, Jr. Feb 1959 to Jun 1964
Rev. James D. Bayne Aug 1964 to May 1967
Rev. Virgil A. Cameron Oct 1967 to Feb 1974
Rev. Arthur E. Greenwalt Jun 1974 to Jun 1978
Rev. Don C. Nolt Sep 1978 to Oct 1981
Rev. B. Gene Baker Aug 1982 to Jan 1990
Rev. H. Norton Rosebrock Nov 1990 to Apr 1997
Rev. John Wertz, Jr. Aug 1997 to Apr 2004
Rev. Nancy S. Oliver Dec 2004 to Jun 2013
Rev. Rich Johnston July 2014 to October 2019

Interim Pastors
Rev. Larry Smith May 1967 to Oct 1967
Rev. Fred Dufford Jan 1982 to Aug 1982
Rev. Fred Wilson Jan 1990 to Nov 1990
Rev. Don Loadholt May 1997 to Aug 1997
Rev. Rich Johnston August 2013 to June 2014
Rev. Dr. Craig Boehlke November 2019 to January 2024

(Thanks to the late Mr. Ralph Doscher for collecting the vast amount of detailed information in this document from 1940 through 1990.)